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Pro #2: Honesty is Valued
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Has a guy ever given you mixed signals? In fact, he may even care about you a great deal and still not be able to stop himself from acting this way. But why does this happen? And I discovered this eye opening video that will shed some light on this bizarre behaviour. Insert subject line here and link it to: Trust me, this is going to blow you away. For the last three years, I've lived in two small-sized cities in China avg. They all have their differences but they all share similarities, some of which make them ideal partners and some that can drive men away, especially foreigners who are expecting a Western-style relationship.

Now we all know that Chinese girls are gorgeous and affectionate and nearly every foreign dude that comes to China eventually picks one up or several.

Featured Asian Women

Of course individual results may vary, and I hope I do not offend or condescend in any way. I'm just giving my honest opinions from experience and observations. Chinese girls are very emotional, and while this can also be a con, they will devote themselves heart and soul to their man if they feel that he really loves them, or at least reciprocates their affection. Chinese girls are waiting to be swept off their feet, and since they are used to being treated merely as sexual objects by most men, it doesn't take much to make their eyes sparkle.

If a man shows genuine interest in them as a person and not just as a midnight snack, she will have no hesitation giving herself to him, body and soul. A misconception among foreigners is that Chinese girls are easy to get into bed, but I think it's more of an eagerness to find her man that makes a girl jump into bed with him so that she can keep him interested, but more importantly because she is happy that he loves her.

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Chinese girls have firm, tight bodies, are very flexible, and are up for anything. She might be shy and coy in public but when the lights go out, there are no limits. Sometimes they might need a little persuasion but it's all just a game and actually makes them more tantalizing. They are also very expressive, if ya know what I mean ;-.

Every girl and boy dreams of far-away places and exotic locales, and a foreign boyfriend can make this a reality for her. Of course a girl will not choose a foreigner over a Chinese man simply because he can take her to new countries, but this is simply icing on the cake. Initially, it may be difficult for the girl's family to accept the foreign boyfriend because we know all foreign guys are playboys and heartbreakers who just want sex but after they realize that he is making their daughter truly happy, and that he loves to drink beer, the family will warm up to him and invite him to their home often.

The girl's family is usually from the countryside or suburbs where old-fashioned ideas of chastity and gentility are still rooted, so don't expect the girl to admit to her family that she is living with her boyfriend or for the man to be able to hold her hand in front of her family. An old saying in China goes: A break-up is very difficult for a Chinese girl, because it means she is adrift in the big, wide, unpredictable world.

She may not have the job or social skills to be successful, and though she might be able to make a living and be independent, she would much rather have a man to guide and support her.

The Pros and Cons of Asian Women

But be careful to not just hang out with people outside of your race. Having a diverse group of people in your social network keeps you open-minded and understanding of other people. Your friends and family members will also learn about another culture when they hang out with your partner.

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Dating someone outside your race also breaks down stereotypes. In other words, you are making society better.

5 Pros and Cons of Having a Chinese Wife or Girlfriend • AsianDate Ladies

White men dating Asian women have the American culture and the Asian culture in mind. Mixed children are good-looking and have the best of two worlds or more. If you get serious with a person of a different ethnicity, you are on your way to creating a beautiful family. Make sure you learn about how to raise biracial children and that your offsprings learn from both parents and where they came from. Coping with Traditional Family Members.

Some families, especially traditional ones, prefer their offspring to find a husband or wife of the same race. Because they are racist, want to be able to communicate easily with their in-laws, and can relate to their own kind. People of the same race have similar lifestyles and values. So what happens when people introduce a lover outside their race to their family? It makes them uncomfortable. Do they have the same values? Are they going to raise their children the same way we raised ours? It make take you longer to win them over or they might never come around.

Usually they come around when they see their grandchildren. Otherwise, there are going to be issues with your relationship. Are your religious beliefs important to you?

Happier Abroad Forum Community

What if the person you are dating is an atheist? If you are a vegetarian, do you expect your date to be one too, or are you okay with them eating meat? What if education and family are important to your date, but not important to you?

Misreading cultural cues in a relationship can cause problems, too. Some families do everything together and when you date someone from that tightknit family, be prepared to spend a lot of time with them. People are going to judge you when they see you together with someone outside your race. There is no escaping stereotypes or racism, especially when you are dating outside your race.


What you can do is stay strong, be positive and surround yourself with supportive people. You must be logged in to post a comment. What should I expect during my interview?

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