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Be inspired by the architecture of the British Library, our wonderful collection of maps and tales of unusual libraries. Cookie notice We use cookies to deliver and understand how people use our online services and to tailor the advertising you see. View our cookies notice Accept.

Surprising places to meet women

What's on at Regent's Place Regent's Place, situated in London's West End hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year. Mind over body, or body over mind? Outlook Download Register as attending. Thanks for registering A member of the team will be in touch to book a time slot for you. Most library review publication s publish annual lists of highly recommended title s in the various categories reviewed reference , fiction , nonfiction , young adult , children's book s, etc.

Recommended lists are also published in book form example: Gunning for use in collection development. According to the Federal Rules of Evidence , and similar rules adopted by the states, if the original of a document is available, a copy is inadmissible as evidence in a court of law. Based primarily on the Physiologus "The Natural Philosopher" , a Greek text believed to have been written in Alexandria in the 2nd century, bestiaries were particularly popular in 12th- and 13th-century England in versions that incorporated other medieval sources such as the 7th-century encyclopedia of Bishop Isidore of Seville.

Best practices are identified by examining empirical evidence of success. Compare with guidelines and standards. Major newspaper s and review publication s often publish ranked lists of bestsellers in adult fiction and nonfiction , and sometimes in children's literature , based on sales volume over a given period of time example: Library and Book Trade Almanac usually includes an essay analyzing the previous year's bestsellers. Click here to connect to the Yahoo! Best Small Library in America An award sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation , given annually since to the public library that most profoundly demonstrates outstanding service to a population of 25, or less.

Membership is open to graduates of ALA - accredited library school s who have completed the requirements leading to a fifth year or advanced degree M. Click here to connect to the Beta Phi Mu homepage. Also spelled bevelled boards. Beveled boards are sometimes used in hand bookbinding to see examples, try a search on the keyword "bevelled" in the British Library 's Database of Bookbindings. The edges of mat s used in framing are normally beveled at a degree angle. Also spelled bevelled edge. B ritish F ilm I nstitute. Also refers to a publication issued twice a year.

Bias exists even in reference book s compare the entries for "Holocaust" and "Inquisition" in the Encyclopedia Judaica , Encyclopedia of Religion , and New Catholic Encyclopedia. In publicly supported libraries in the United States, bias in employment practices is prohibited by law. American Libraries reported in April that two Belgian librarian s, Danny Theuwis and Eric Van der Staeten, have conducted workshop s for other professionals on how to host such groups as a means of drawing more young people into public libraries , capitalizing on the library 's potential as a recreational venue.

Synonymous with library dating and library speed-dating. In literature , a book of unusually small size, elegantly designed, and crafted from the finest materials. Also known as a thumb book. In the early Christian period, various Latin translation s of Greek and Hebrew versions were used. In the early 5th century, at the behest of Pope Damasus I, St. Jerome completed a new translation, known as the Vulgata , which became the authorized text for the Roman Church.

The history of the Bible as a book began in the 4th century when large codices were produced on parchment. During the early Middle Ages, corruption of the Vulgate generated attempts to standardize the text, including production in the 9th century of a series of bibles at the scriptorium of Alcuin of York at Tours for circulation among monastic establishments in Europe. In AACR2 , bible cards are cataloged as graphic materials. Synonymous with Sunday school card. I, Judas [] by Taylor Caldwell. Compare with Christian fiction.

Bible historiale Available for centuries in Latin, the Bible did not become accessible in the vernacular until the 14th century. In France it appeared in a prose narrative version compiled by the cleric Guiart des Moulins, who based his translation on Peter Comestor's earlier text Historia scholastica , a commentary on Bible excerpt s, with emphasis on the role of scripture as a record of historical events. Guiart added further commentary to translation of entire book s of the Bible, also emphasizing historical narrative. Even before his death, Guiart's work was expanded by others to all the books of the Bible, including some apocrypha he had not translated.

Click here to view miniatures done in semi- grisaille in a 14th-century French example Getty Museum , MS 1 and here to see a page from a 15th-century Dutch example Koninklijke Bibliotheek.

January 12222

Synonymous with historical bible. Both text and commentary are illustrated , sometimes with long sequences of miniature s. Click here to view a page from a facsimile of the 13th-century Bible of St. Louis from the Cathedral of Toledo Univ. Sometimes used synonymously with India paper , of which it is an imitation. The category includes miracle play s, mystery play s, and passion play s. Biblia Pauperum A blockbook issue d in large numbers beginning in about , consisting mainly of picture s illustrating parallels between the Old and New Testaments typology , with caption s in Latin or German providing lessons from the Scripture s.

Jean Peters notes in The Bookman's Glossary Bowker, that this form of book was not superseded by the invention of movable type but continued to be produced into the early part of the 16th century. Extremely rare , fewer than two dozen examples are known to survive. In interactions with patron s, most public services librarian s avoid the "B-words" because the general public is not familiar with the technical terminology of librarianship. Fortunately for bibliophile s, this form of aberrant behavior occurs infrequently.

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The result of this endeavor is a bibliography. A person who limits such efforts to a specific field or discipline is a subject bibliographer. Bibliographical Society of America. Membership is open to all who have an interest in bibliographical problems and projects, including libraries and librarian s.

Click here to connect to the BSA homepage. Bibliographic control includes the standardization of bibliographic description and subject access by means of uniform catalog code , classification system s, name authorities , and preferred heading s; the creation and maintenance of catalog s, union list s, and finding aid s; and the provision of physical access to the items in the collection. A similar relationship, called co-citation coupling , is established between two or more document s when they are both cite d in a third.

Surprising places to meet women

Citation index ing is based on the principle of bibliographic coupling. Synonymous with citation coupling. Some bibliographic database s are general in scope and coverage ; others provide access to the literature of a specific discipline or group of disciplines. An increasing number provide the full-text of at least a portion of the source s indexed.

Most bibliographic databases are proprietary , available by licensing agreement from vendor s, or directly from the abstracting and indexing services that create them. Compare with literature review. The machine-readable MARC record format has become the standard for library catalog s in many countries of the world.

Most are complete in one part but have the potential to continue.

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Their defining characteristic is "updatability. Beginning in , reconsideration of issues related to seriality resulted in a new model, dividing the bibliographic universe into finite resources and continuing resource s, a more accurate reflection of changing patterns in publishing. This new distinction has been adopted in AACR2 BI usually covers the library's system of organizing materials , the structure of the literature of the field , research methodologies appropriate to the discipline , and specific resources and finding tool s catalog s, index es and abstracting service s, bibliographic database s, etc.

In modern cataloging , the standard format is machine-readable example: Compare with catalog record , check-in record , item record , and order record. Bibliographic references also help to ensure the intellectual integrity of research by crediting persons and organizations whose previous work s have contributed to the research.

Such a resource may be tangible example: Most commercial database s allow the searcher to use techniques such as Boolean logic, truncation , and proximity to refine search statement s. Compare with bibliographic utility. Relying on machine-readable cataloging provided by the Library of Congress , the major bibliographic utilities offer software for download ing, editing, and local record creation; authority control utilizing the Library of Congress authority file s; and services to facilitate interlibrary loan based on holdings information included in each record.

When a bibliography is about a person, the subject is the bibliographee. A bibliography may be comprehensive or selective. Long bibliographies may be published serial ly or in book form. The person responsible for compiling a bibliography is the bibliographer. Bibliographies are index ed by subject in Bibliographic Index: A Cumulative Bibliography of Bibliographies , published by H.