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Paying a company pension

While generally these policies are designed to prevent you from dating someone in your chain-of-command, be sure that you do not violate your company's policy, which may be more strict than the most common policies. Some companies now ask that you notify the company before dating a coworker, and may require that you sign a "relationship contract," indicating that the relationship is voluntary and consensual.

An increasing number of companies are adding these policies, and most of these policies have thus far survived legal challenges.

If your company has such a policy, it is probably best to comply with the policy and disclose the relationship, especially if your relationship has reached a point where other coworkers are likely to find out about it. You might think that who you hang out with when you're off the job is not the boss's business, but the National Labor Relations Board NLRB recently upheld a very restrictive anti-fraternization policy, which made it against the rules for a security company's guards to "fraternize on duty or off duty, date, or become overly friendly with the client's employees or with co-employees.

While the policy was ostensibly enacted for safety and security purposes, its chilling effect goes much further. The policy was challenged by the guard's union, who argued that this kind of provision discouraged workers from exercising their right to organize unions and engage in concerted activity.

Policy on dating coworkers? |

For more information, see our site's retaliation for union activity page. After all, if you can't get overly friendly with your fellow employees, or spend time with them away from the workplace, chances are good that you're not going to feel safe complaining about work to someone you don't know very well, and certainly aren't going to take the chance of talking about banding together to join a union.

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While the NLRB's ruling says that "we believe that employees would reasonably understand the rule to prohibit only personal entanglements, rather than activity protected by the Act," it's still unclear which "personal entanglements" would violate the company's policy. If more employers enact similar policies preventing fraternization, it is likely that there will be more lawsuits brought by workers fired for violating them, given the difficulty of defining what kind of relationships violate such policies and the possibility that they inhibit union and other collective activity.

If you are subject to a no-fraternization policy, and have questions about what it means, you may want to consult with a local attorney to determine whether the policy appears to violate any laws.

Learn when you might have a legal claim arising from an employer's decision not to hire you.

Yes, despite marijuana recently being made legal in some states, an employer can still fire an employee for testing positive. As seen in a recent Colorado case , this applies even to medical marijuana, though Arizona and Delaware currently have laws protecting medical marijuana users. The main justification for employers freedom to terminate employees who test positive for marijuana is that using and possessing the drug is still illegal under federal law, even though it is legal in some states.

For more information on marijuana and employment related drug testing visit our Drug Testing page.

What to do when an employee leaves

The answer differs between states and depending on whether you work for the federal government or a private employer. Workplace Fairness has a Sexual Orientation Discrimination page that more thoroughly covers topics like protection from discrimination, the legal differences between sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, whether you can take a leave to care for your partner, and more. While there are laws protecting you against harassment, whether a company will take action against an employee for off-duty harassment depends on the company policy.

For example, if the harassment is creating a hostile work environment, many companies will discipline the offender. For more information on harassment visit our Harassment and Other Workplace Problems section and read about the harassment most closely related to what you are experiencing. Federal law is silent on the issue of marital discrimination. While most states have laws that protect against discrimination based on marital status for example refusing to hire a married person for fear they will request extra time off these laws are often silent on the issue of employer decisions which prohibit married couples from supervising one another.

Questions and Answers about AMC Theatres

As a result, many companies have an anti-nepotism policy. However, while anti-nepotism policies may be legal, sex discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, and violations of employee privacy are not, and that may afford you some protection. For more information visit our Family Responsibilities Discrimination pages.

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    Make your company a great place to work This is your responsibility before a potential employee is even hired. The better your work environment is, the less likely anyone will want to leave. But there is also a slightly more counterintuitive reasoning as well. Although realizing the full value of this change might take some time, the effect it will have on the individual level will be recognized immediately. By David Galloreese January 28, What is the value, then, of getting it right?