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It seems like they eventually those men settle down with a woman that is younger but by a reasonable amount like years , I would consider that an age gap. However, I do stand by my statement that the college culture creates an environment where college men are more likely to pursue women for casual sex while the men are in college.

I think those men who want to date 18 year old girls have forgotten what 18 year old girls are like. Don't expect to be treated the same though. Even if your friends are receptive to the general idea of the age gap and look at your particular age gap relationship and decide you're not a creepy manipulative jerk, an 18 year old just isn't the same sort of fun as other 40 year olds are.

There's a reason why I don't think "Oh I'll invite that teenager from across the road! I know this is hard to see if what you're seeing about the 18 year old is overwhelmingly the tight buns and perky tits, but 18 year olds are a drag in a social setting comprised mainly of 40 year olds. They have naive un-nuanced opinions, they get worked up and outraged about stuff that older people are wryly cynical about, when they get worked up they simply must respond and then are scattershot in their responses, they don't handle their booze well.

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Even if people your own age lacked moral disapproval they would still isolate you socially if you had an 18 year old hanging off your arm all the time. It is not just as acceptable as any other relationship, it is a relationship that wrecks part of the joy of hanging out as a bunch of old fucks. You've married someone you find interesting and everyone else finds tedious. Seems reasonable, although I object to your statement that says the woman must have a high school degree.

Only 83 percent of people graduate from high school and I wouldn't write off more than 1 in 7 women simply based on their educational background. Not only would I write those women off a person has to be seriously fucked up to not finish high school but I also write off any woman who doesn't have at least a four year degree unless she has proven her worth through her own effort some other way -- working at daddy's company doesn't count.

That's too narrow of a net for me. My net is actually narrower still. For serious consideration a woman needs to have both a graduate degree from a decent school and a well established career. A targeted approach is far better than a shotgun approach. How about a practicing doctor from Podunk State D. Any licensed practicing doctor obviously makes the cut. Building a successful business as opposed to inheriting one is a legitimate alternate way to prove one's worth.

I'm 54 years old. This is the third time I'll be trying to build a life with someone. I don't have the time or inclination to start from scratch. I've sworn off fixer-uppers and potential is just not enough. Luckily I live in northern California where there are actually quite a few well educated professional women.

The 3 Steps To Dating Younger Women, Even If You Think They Are Way Out Of Your League

My GF has an MBA and a six figure job at a San Francisco tech company one that few people have heard of -- but she interviewed this afternoon with one that everyone has heard of. She sounds like the "career woman" type that the Red Pill likes to hate on.

Is she high maintenance? How is it working out for you? In the past I fucked up by compromising.


My first wife had a degree but never wanted an actual career. My second wife had an AA but never finished her BA. Going forward I'm sticking to my standards. With all the online programs available this is no longer a valid excuse if it ever was -- there have been correspondence programs since the dawn of time.

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  5. That would be acceptable if she is over It is really a judgment call given your particular society. The point was not to take advantage of women who lack the mental capacity to make adult decisions. You have to work pretty hard not to graduate from high school these days. The dropouts are the underclass of the underclass and it shows in their physical appearance. There are, of course, exceptions. A female acquaintance of mine was pressured into dropping out of high school three months from graduation to care for her sick mother.

    She was by no means underclass; she lived in a middle class neighborhood. My best friend had to drop out due to her being in a coma for 9 months and missing a full school year. Fucked up part was the school pressured her to leave so they wouldnt have to deal with her essentially. That's fair, the point I was making was she must be considered and adult and have the mental capacity of an adult.

    I just picked a higher standard than is required by some societies. I was trying to succinctly come up with a rule about not taking advantage of someone with diminished mental capabilities like the concept of someone not having legal capacity in contract law. As you pointed out it is much more nuanced than age plus high school degree. She could get a GED later. None of this matters. What matters is that relationships with wide age gaps are frowned on by the vast majority of a young woman's peers.

    Indeed, I think this may even be something that they tell men over on TRP. If their peers are going around talking about how disgusting and gross and predatory and rapey and vile it is that some year-old dude is hitting on some year-old, then that year-old probably is not going to want to give a year-old the time of day. There are women here who have had relationships with large age gaps. Every one of them is an xNxx who doesn't give a flying fuck about what other people think. They are in the minority.

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    Why should we assume she thinks differently from her peers? You know what, this is an excellent point. None of my sorority sisters approved of my husband when we started dating. Early 20 something women have shit taste in men! God damn, see this is why we men call people pussies, because this shit is pathetic and such feminine tendencies lead to men not respecting women imo.

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    Why do you assume this is a "feminine tendency" when men do this too, if not even more. All the data shows that men value status more than women, which is why they will pick HB10 as a trophy over the HB6 that they actually like. A 35 year old guy dating a 20 year old women is indeed creepy AF. A 55 year old guy dating a 40 year old woman not so much.

    Yeah -- I know. Just wanted to point out that not all 15 year age gaps are created equally. Sure older guys can date younger -- but middle aged RP guys are deluding themselves if they think they can get a hot 20 year old. You are not going to get any agreement from rp guys on this one. Yes, but an elderly man dating a woman who is almost as elderly as she is, what would be wrong with that? So it's natural for a 55 year old man to date a 40 year old woman. I wonder what's wrong with her, but hey more power to her.

    Most 20 year old women are not really adults yet. A middle aged guy has no business chasing them. Society treats them adults in almost all other respects able to live on their own, able to have any job, able to make legal agreements, punished in adult court for crimes. If society agreed a higher age than 18 was adult then I would amend my criteria to she must be that age before a relationship with an older man would be valid.

    The scared little girl who was in my office this afternoon may have been 20 years old but she is far from being an actual adult. Shit, even at 23 as a guy, I am still learning how to adult.