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Click here to go to the free training. Being at ease with your flaws creates a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. If you tell someone about your vulnerabilities, and display a calm, self-assured attitude about them, they'll often go along with those cues and feel they're fine as well.

Dating Red Flags : 3 Types of Guys to Stay Far Away From!

On the other hand if you present your issues as if they're shameful confessions, they'll seem that way. Of course, there is a practical side to keeping some personal information under wraps. Even if you're self-accepting and comfortable with yourself , there may be people who will respond negatively to your secrets or use them against you.

However, even if that does happen it doesn't mean you and your vulnerabilities are inherently faulty.

4 Men to Avoid Dating if You Want a Healthy Relationship... & How to Spot Them Fast!

It's people's responses that are the problem. Guardedness comes from a fear of what will happen if people learn certain things about you.

How to become less guarded and open up to people

The best way to overcome fears is to get used to them in a gradual, controlled manner. You can get introspective and dig into why you're guarded, or try to take on a healthier perspective towards self-disclosure. That may help somewhat, but in the end the best thing to do is open up to people more and see that it's not so bad. You need to experience firsthand that sharing pieces of yourself isn't that dangerous and often has a positive result, and that on the odd occasion that one of your secrets is received badly, that it's something you can handle. I can tell you that a lot of the time when you tell people about your supposedly embarrassing problems, especially if you talk about them in a casual, confident way, they won't think they're that horrible.

If someone knows they're finally hearing a big secret you've been scared to share until now their reaction might very well be, "Oh Here's an example of how you might slowly get yourself use to opening up: Figure out what information about yourself you're most and least comfortable sharing with people. In general, you'll want to get used to sharing more minor things about yourself, then work up to disclosures that make you feel more exposed and vulnerable.

It's totally normal if you some really personal things you'd never want to tell anyone, or only to your most trusted friends. Becoming more comfortable with self-disclosure doesn't mean you're obligated to tell everyone all your darkest secrets. Share things about yourself anonymously online, like through forum posts or blog comments. If you're seeing one, share things with a therapist. Share things about yourself to strangers you'll never see again e. Share minor things about yourself with people you know, and who you're comfortable with.

Share slightly more serious things about yourself with people you know, and who you're comfortable with.

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  • Are You Too Secretive in Your Relationship?!

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  • Being Too Guarded And Secretive - Having Problems With Self-Disclosure;

For some people, that's enough for them to make the logical decision to end the relationship. Holding things back can ignite feelings of mistrust and resentment in your partner. It's hard to feel emotionally connected to someone when they are not being honest with you.

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Even in a happy relationship, it's normal for your partner to feel betrayed if they learn that a secret has been hidden from them, especially if that secret is compounded by a lie. Keeping secrets can hurt the secret keeper, too. For years, psychologists have been researching the impact of secrecy on mental health and the evidence is overwhelming. Symptoms such as anxiety, stress, depression, mood swings, headaches, and digestive problems often occur whenever secrets are concealed, especially if the web is spun over a long period of time. There's evidence to suggest that chronic secret-keepers might even turn to alcohol or other substances to mask their pain.

Of course, there are secrets and then there are secrets. Not every indiscretion will be harmful. Omitting to tell your partner that you don't share their love of daytime soap operas is one thing; neglecting to tell them that you were married or have a huge hidden debt is quite another.

Being Too Guarded And Secretive - Having Problems With Self-Disclosure |

When a secret is potentially stigmatizing such as infidelity, rape, abortion, substance abuse, money troubles, a pornography habit, or a criminal conviction, keeping the secret can potentially damage the entire family's mental health. One in five people admitted to keeping this type of major secret, according to a recent British survey. And around a quarter of them were so worried that full disclosure would destroy their relationship, they had kept their secret hidden for more than 25 years. Other secrets might fall into the "none of your business" category.

This includes everything from keeping quiet about your sister's flirtation with Jim from work and hiding your spot cream to how much that new jacket really cost.

Dating a cuban man in america

Yet even these small deceptions can rock a relationship. It all depends on the depth of trust you have for one another and your partner's unique insecurities. Honesty is the best policy, but that doesn't mean you can't keep a few tidbits to yourself. Even when you're in a committed relationship, you are still entitled to your own personal business.

In fact, some researchers suggest that keeping a few harmless secrets can spice up a relationship. If you disclose every last detail about yourself now, what flirty details could there possibly be in the future? But if your secret keeping is taking a toll on you or your partner, then it's a good idea to come clean.