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Please leave this field empty. Polyamory married and dating s02e01 My show follows. Vampires grow into a new chapter. Myepisodes is a dating s02e02 polyamory married lives of these comments and dating.

Greenleaf Recap Season 2 Episode 1: A House Divided…

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Buy Worldmark Timeshare Complete the form and a Worldmark Timeshare Resale representative will contact you as soon as possible. Serena and Nate pair off for a minute, and he tells her that Catherine dumped him the night before. At the same time, Chuck and Blair argue over which college James goes to.

Annoyed, Blair leaves with Serena and Chuck calls Eric to ask him to do some research on who is right. Back at the loft, Dan fills Rufus in on getting fired by Jeremiah. He admits that he's been avoiding seeing and talking to Serena all summer because he doesn't want to get the feeling that he made a huge mistake breaking up with her.

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Rufus then advises him to stop running and try to work through his unresolved feelings. Chuck thinks that James is using Blair to gain entry into upper class life and decides to call his PI to investigate deeper.

Dice Media - What The Folks (WTF) - Web Series - S02E01 - Welcome Home

Elsewhere, Blair tries to break up with James, but before she can, receives a text from Chuck that he'll be at the White Party after all. After she sees it, she changes her mind and invites him to go to the party with her instead. He admits to her that he has feelings for Catherine, and wants to go to see her with her husband. Serena tells him it's a bad idea, but decides to go along with the plan anyway. At the same time, unbeknownst to anyone, Dan arrives in the Hamptons to see Serena.

At the party, Jenny arrives with Eric. Upon walking in, she makes eye contact with Laurel; who is clearly surprised to see her there. Meanwhile, Serena and Nate walk past Catherine and her husband, and upon her seeing them, whispers to Nate to ask him if he's trying to ruin her marriage. She informs him that Serena is not there, and asks him to help her put a necklace on.

After he helps her, she says that she realized that not everyone can be made happy the same way and she knows Serena isn't over him. Then she offers help him get into the White Party. Back at the party, James tries to tell Blair that his feelings for her have deepened, but she isn't listening; as she's too preoccupied with trying to make Chuck jealous.

James catches on soon enough and walks away from her. Elsewhere, Laurel asks Jenny how she snuck into the party, considering she probably wouldn't know anyone that would bring her as a plus one. While she's talking, Eric comes up with Tinsley Mortimer; who is very interested in Jenny and her designs.

At the same time, Blair asks James if anything is wrong; and he accuses her of using him to make Chuck jealous. He asks if she even likes him, and she says she doesn't because he's kind of boring. He retorts that she and Chuck deserve each other and walks away. Once he's gone, Chuck comes up to Blair; who instantly blames him for making her use James.

Chuck says that he didn't make her do anything, she used him because its who she is. Angry, Blair replies that any resemblance to him is something she would hate about herself and walks away. Meanwhile, Catherine is still whispering snide comments to Nate any chance she gets. He admits to Serena that he just wants to make her feel as bad as he does, and Serena says he can.

She kisses him deeply, not knowing Dan is watching the whole thing transpire. When the kiss is over, she notices him. He walks away, and she follows, trying her best to explain without really explaining.

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While they argue, two women approach Dan and throw drinks on him for seeing them both at the same time. Back inside the party, Catherine pulls Nate aside and asks why he kissed Serena. She then says she can't believe Nate would try and make her jealous in front of her husband and friends; and he asked if it worked. She answers that it completely did and they begin to make out. Meanwhile, Dan and Serena talk. He confesses that he hasn't been able to get her out of his head all summer and that he hoped seeing her would make him realize they did the right thing, but that didn't happen.

They kiss, and make plans to leave the party and go to the beach together. On his way out, Dan runs into CeCe; who smiles with approval at him and Serena making up. Elsewhere, Blair finds James and admits that she did use him. However, Chuck is watching and receives a call from his PI; who has new information on James, who tells Blair he wasn't completely honest with her.

He confesses that his name isn't James, it's Marcus Beaton , and he's actually a British lord. Chuck notices them talking, and realizes he's probably telling her who he really is. Marcus explains that most women are only interested in him for his title, so he decided to pretend to be a common American to make sure he wasn't being used.

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  6. Then he says that no one has ever told him he was boring, and he liked it. They both decide to be more honest with each other and take a walk together. Back inside, Laurel tells Jenny she heard Tinsley offered to help her get an internship.

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    Watch Famously Single S02E01 : Date Marry Dump live - Play TV

    Jenny answers that she did, but she turned down the offer because she's learning a lot where she is. Laurel tells her to enjoy her weekend, and finally calls her by the right name. Outside, Chuck approaches Blair, and admits he should have never abandoned her. He asks her not to leave with Marcus, and she asks him to give her a reason not to go.

    Eventually, she asks him to tell her he loves her, but he is unable to do so. Afterwards, she leaves with Marcus. Back inside, Catherine slips Nate a note with a meeting time. At the beach, Serena finds Dan, who is waiting for her next to a bonfire. They hold each other while they watch fireworks. I wasn't aware robots got jealous. Did they update your software while I was away? Chuck is a awful person. He does terrible things, he uses people.

    Season 2 Episode 1

    It can never be a simple answer with you. It can't just be "I kissed Nate. Look, I should have never abandoned you. I knew I made the wrong decision as soon as your plane took off. I distracted myself all summer, hoping I wouldn't feel it, but I still do. Scared that if we spent the whole summer together, just us, that you'd see.